The Single Version of the Truth

What is The Single Version of the Truth (SVOTT)?

One view of data that everyone in a company agrees is the real, trusted number for some operating data.

The single version of the truth is exactly that, it is the unequivocal and immutable record of a certain series of events and their subsequent outcomes

Why do we need SVOTT?

When companies sign long-term contracts, there will be a large number of transactions. This will add a lot of burden to the opaque storage and database of the each company. Whether it is a manual error or an error caused by information transfer between multi-platform servers, it will bring huge losses of money, human resources and time to all contract participants. KCS is committed to creating smart contracts based on the principles of SVOTT, creating a platform that all participants trust, and avoiding the limitations of the existing centralized technology on the company’s development.


Never doubt the credibility of your data and rest assured with immutable records


Reinforce trust into your relationships and confidently build value with real-time financial reconciliation


Have full visibility into every interaction, with complete audit trail readily available

How KCS implements SVOTT

KCS Smart Contract Technology

Powered by K-Chain Blockchain Technology

Our K-Chain is a modular enterprise blockchain system, where smart contract layer is only one of the 7 layers

K-Chain Structure

K-Chain can be customised into both a public permissioned or private permissioned chain

Private permissioned chain

  • Scalable
  • Ecosystem of legally approved Digital entities
  • Not independently verifiable outside the ecosystem
  • Privacy preserving
  • Governance of the chain backed by human readable contracts
  • Implemented by Konfidio

Public permissioned chain

  • Good Scaling
  • Theoretical Flexibility Private -> Public Ecosystem
  • Independently Verifiable
  • Governance of access to date
  • Disputes easy to resolve

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