Executive team

Dr. Mervyn Maistry

CEO & Co-Founder

Dr Mervyn Maistry provides a clear, focused vision for KCS. After holding key positions at organisations like Deutsche Bank, Accenture and EY, and working with the likes of BASF, Toll Collect, Siemens, Esprit, Novartis and Bayer, Mervyn has gained an immense wealth of experience. Mervyn leads and inspires our team from the front as he navigates our team on the best path forward.

Galen Evans

Business development advisor

Galen Evans steers technology in best direction at KCS. After building an esteemed career at EY, the World Bank, BoundlessGeo and Stratsoft, Galen has forged a versatile and immaculate skillset. While at these organizations Galen developed and implemented digital strategies, risk management strategies and led accounts. Galen excellently leads our technology team to provide the best-in-class software solutions for our clients.

Peter Reichart


Peter Reichart purposefully guides KCS finance and operations, making sure that our business is always operating at optimal levels. After holding directorships at both Inceptua and ActivaMente, Peter brings an abundance of valuable experience and ingenuity to the team.

Mark Hinschberger

Head of Product

Mark Hinschberger drives KCS solutions, he owns the product, making sure that the strategy is set out correctly and tightly aligned to our business goals. Mark brings valuable experience to the team with practical knowledge after Co-Founding Wordup and engineering at DeepBlu and Faria Systems.

Sergio Veiga

Software Architect

Sergio Veiga holds KCS software systems and applications to the highest level by ensuring consistent technical standards are implemented throughout our solutions. Sergio has developed an expertly crafted skillset over the years after founding 9idiots, and engineering at Relayr, Cloudoki and Summup.


Scott Mason

COO at Novartis

Renee Mauer

Professor at ESCP

Rainer Christine

Partner at Earlybird VC

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